About me

I am a lecturer  at the Department of Public Administration and Sociology of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In 2007, I graduated from Culture Studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and in 2009 from Public Administration at the University Rotterdam. After graduation I started at the Erasmus University as a junior lecturer. After one year I received a personal research grant from the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations to start a PhD research on sustainable procurement. In my PhD research I examined the implementation of sustainable procurement in the Dutch national government from an organizational change perspective. The research had a mixed method approach, combining interviews with survey research, and aims to provide insight into the organizational factors and actors that influenced the degree of sustainable procurement. The PhD research was supervised by Prof. Dr. Bram Steijn and Dr. Ben Kuipers. The research was initiated by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, which also provided a workplace for the duration of the research. In addition to my research I was a junior lecturer and taught and coordinated several work-groups in bachelor and pre-master courses, and supervised master theses.

After obtaining my PhD I started at the Institute for Management Research, Public Administration Department, in Nijmegen as an assistant professor. At the Radboud University I am teaching and coordinating several courses in the Public Administration Bachelor and (international COMPASS) Master. I continued my research into public procurement. I conducted a pilot study into the largest performance challenge public procurement is facing: the decentralization of youth and home care, examined the status quo of public procurement in Europe for a book chapter on Public Administration and Public Management in Europe, and co-authored a pre-proposal for the EN-SUF ERA-NET call about the role of public procurement in optimizing sustainable logistics.

After nearly two years at the Radboud University, I started as a lecturer at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Here I am responsible for teaching and coordinating several courses in the Public Administration bachelor, master and evening program. In addition, I am continuing my research into public procurement in public administration. Currently, I am conducting a big data study with dr. Peter Kruyen for the Belgian federal government in which we will determine the degree of sustainable public procurement in the Belgian public sector. With Dr. Peter Kruyen I am also working on research into the motivational strategies of caseworkers for motivating their clients to find work.


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