Erasmus University Rotterdam – Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration and Sociology was established at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1984 and is part of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB).  With three bachelor programmes, multiple master programmes and an active research portfolio, the department is one of the largest and one of the leading Public Administration departments in Europe. It offers a series of English language education programmes, including one bachelor and two master programmes. Research is organised in a number of research clusters. Public Administration scored number one in 2017’s Subject Rankings of The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), also known as Shanghai Ranking, meaning that Public Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam was assessed as the best PA department in the annual Shanghai Subject Rankings.

Bachelor Management of International Social Challenges – Erasmus School of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Migration, terrorism, climate change, economic stability, and international crime – these are all examples of social challenges that local, national and international organisations in the public sector face and try to manage. In this Bachelor’s programme, students learn how to research, analyse, and contribute to strategies to manage these challenges. The  programme focuses on social challenges that are: 1) multi-disciplinary, 2) multi-level and 3) international. The curriculum consists of courses in public policy, international law, sociology, economics, political science and management. These courses will enable students to analyse social challenges from different perspectives and understand the various roles, perceptions and interests of relevant actors. Furthermore, students follow courses in research methods to acquire the skills and knowledge students need to conduct research on the management of social challenges.

Ecoprocura Conference

The EcoProcura conference series started in 1998 as a European-wide forum to promote exchange and dialogue among purchasers from all levels of government, suppliers, policy-makers and multipliers on strategies and the latest practical solutions on sustainable, circular, and innovation procurement. In 2018 the conference will bring together over 400 procurers, policy makers, businesses, researchers and international organisations from all over Europe in Nijmegen, to discuss the latest developments in sustainable and innovation procurement.

IRSPM Conference

The International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) has become one of the leading international academic associations for advancing research on public management. IRSPM produces Public Management Review, a highly respected peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the best in new developments in public management and public policy implementation. The IRSPM annual conference, which is attended by around 500 people, is an important platform to exchange research findings and discuss new topics of emerging significance in public management. The conference is also a platform where experienced researchers meet young researchers, and where practitioners can engage with academics. The conference is also an important vehicle for stimulating regional initiatives and encouraging special interest groups related to public management. In 2019, the IRSPM Annual Conference will be held in Wellington, New Zealand. Together with dr. Peter Kruyen, Prof. Alfred Ho and dr. Jiannan Wu I am organizing a panel on big data research in public administration.


NEVI, is the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management and one of the world’s leading Purchasing Management organisations. NEVI is member of IFPSM and chairman of the European division. With over 6.500 members, working in the private and public field, NEVI is the principal authority for matters concerning Purchasing in the Netherlands. NEVI Publiek is a NEVI platform particularly for the public procurement professionals where they can meet, exchange experiences and knowledge and take part in various activities.


ResearchGate is an online social network for scientists and research to share information, ask and answer questions and find partners to collaborate with.


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