Special Issue on Public Procurement

I am guest-editing a special issue of the International Journal of Public Sector Management on public procurement with  Joanne Meehan.

The special issue will explore and discuss the usage of public procurement as a policy tool by public sector organizations. Whether at the local, regional, national, or international level, public organizations are using their procurement for a wide range of societal goals. Despite the increased usage of public procurement as a policy tool, little is known about how it is implemented, how successful it is, what factors and actors determine its effectiveness and successfulness and how public procurers deal with the (often conflicting) goals that they have to combine in their procurement. This special issue will try to fill that gap.

You can find the call for papers here: call for papers.

The call for papers invites scholars studying public procurement around the world to reflect theoretically, share empirical research and case studies of using public procurement as a tool to reach desired outcomes in society. We especially welcome papers presenting comparative studies that for example compare the implementation of sustainable public procurement or innovative procurement across different policy fields, organizations or countries.

You can submit a proposal to me until 7 June 2016. After acceptance of the proposals, full manuscripts are due 1 October 2016. All full manuscripts will undergo double blind peer review. Revisions and review have to be finished by March 2017. Aiming for publication mid 2017. For information on the journal, click here.


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