Article accepted for publication in Public Money & Management

The article about the role of change agents in the implementation of sustainable public procurement projects, which I have presented at both the EGOS and IPPC conferences this year, has been accepted for publication in the ‘public procurement’ theme of the Public Money & Management Journal. The article is titled “The Role of Change Agents in Sustainable Public Procurement Projects” and will be published in Volume 35, Number 2 issue (March 2015).

The article contains a qualitative case study analysis of seven of seven cases of sustainable procurement in the Dutch national government. Although political pressure can stimulate organisations’ engagement in sustainable public procurement; however, it is inside the organisation that changes have to be made and barriers removed to make it successful.By using insights from the field of organizational change I examined whether and how change agents play a role in seven public procurement projects in two Dutch national government organisations.In six of the seven cases a change agent was identified that carried out activities to support the project teams implement sustainable procurement in their procurement project. The article concludes that via these activities,  change agents play an important role in sustainable procurement projects and help achieve the full potential of sustainable public procurement.


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