EUR Fellowship

I am happy to announce that I have been awarded an EUR Fellowship.

Every year, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers ten talented young researchers the opportunity to carry out research for a couple of years with a EUR Fellowship. This way, the Erasmus University hopes to encourage people to opt for a career in academic research and seeks to keep talented researchers in the university by offering a funding scheme. During the annual Talentday the EUR Fellowships the ten laureates of an EUR Fellowship were honored. You can read more about the 10 researchers and their projects that received an EUR Fellowship in 2018 here: EUR Fellowship 2018. You can also watch this informative video about the different projects:

The EUR Fellowship thus enables me to conduct a two year study into the procurement of care by municipalities. Nowadays, Dutch municipalities are responsible for the provision of youth and home care. To provide clients with such care, municipalities procure goods and services – walkers or dyslexia training, for example – from healthcare providers. A well-designed procurement process allows municipalities to improve their performance when it comes to providing this care. I am going to examine which factors inform municipalities’ decisions in the procurement process and how this affects their performance in the provision of care.




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