Plenary Speaker

The 10th EcoProcura Conference is from 3 – 5 October 2018 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The EcoProcura conference series started in 1998 as a European-wide forum to promote exchange and dialogue among purchasers from all levels of government, suppliers, policy-makers and multipliers on strategies and the latest practical solutions on sustainable, circular, and innovation procurement.

The conference will bring together over 400 procurers, policy makers, businesses, researchers and international organisations from all over Europe in Nijmegen to discuss the latest developments in sustainable and innovation procurement, such as:

  • Current best practice in implementation
  • European policy developments and international initiatives
  • Opportunities for collaboration between procurers in Europe
  • Practical tools for implementation (circular procurement, life cycle costing, monitoring, e-Procurement)
  • Market dialogue, joint procurement, social issues, professionalisation of procurement

At the EcoProcura conference I will be giving a plenary speech on organisational culture and behavioral change in the implementation of sustainable public procurement. Making procurement more sustainable can be challenging, but actors such as procurers can make a real difference. In this speech I will discuss the role of actors, such as procurers in making procurement more sustainable, as well as the mechanisms that affect them.

You can read more about the conference programme here and register for the conference here.



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